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May 15, 2011 - A strategic error this week gives you the listener a bonus, expanded episode! Starting off reminiscing about our favorite phone information service is followed by confusion as to why Joe Quesada was in Flashpoint and what Superman would do in Portland, followed up with alot of discussion about this week's comics. Why don't you just tell me the comic book you'd like to read?Comics:00:02:30 - Josh extoles the virtues of the creativity and genius of Chew #2700:11:10 - We start things off with the sad whimper ending of Flash #1200:13:30 - Which leads to Flashpoint #1 and differing opinions on the story, but agreement on the art00:22:01 - Back over at Marvel, FF #3 would have been Ron's pick this week00:24:36 - Conor sings the praises of Batman Inc. #600:26:39 - Finally! It looks like they're going to address Havok, Polaris and Marvel Girl thanks to X-Men Legacy #24800:29:37 - You want to be disappointed? Read Total Recall #100:33:24 - Superman's coming home! Well, almost. At least he likes America again in Superman #71100:38:32 - Unwritten #25 just continues to deliver the goods.00:39:47 - You want an awesome comic book? Read Starborn #6 with a great twist ending00:42:18 - Nice to see Mike Norton and Sean McKeever back together on Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #1, but Ron has no idea who anyone is00:44:13 - The art is just fantastic in Northlanders #4000:45:42 - The expectations for wackiness in John Byrne's Next Men #6 delivered for ConorUser Reviews:00:49:10 - The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.00:50:23 - comicBookChris raved about New Mutants #2500:52:00 - FunCrusher really enjoyed Batman: Arkham City #1.E-Mail:00:53:44 - Andy from Cincinnati wants to know why there isn't more comics as animation00:58:33 - David from West Virginia wants to read some event books.Voicemail01:02:55 - Mohammed doesn't understand why Wolverine hates Scarlet Witch so much.Giveaway:01:05:52 - Trish Braddord and Andrew Bietrich won the Image Comics Prize Packs!Sponsors:This episode of iFanboy is brought to you - Get your summer movie tickets!Graphicly - Over 3,000 comics from Marvel, Archaia, BOOM!, Top Cow, Archie and more ready to download right now!Music:This Life CumulativeJoan of Arc