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May 22, 2011 - When a questionable bit of scheduling finds both Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards out and about on vacation, a very tired Conor Kilpatrick is joined by an equally tired Paul Montgomery and an under-the-weather Jim Mroczkowski to talk about the week in comics.Comics:00:01:41 - The Pick of the Week, Avengers #13, is everything Conor wants from Avengers comics.00:11:18 - Batman and Robin #23 was very close to being the Pick of the Week.00:14:13 - There is awesome 1800s action in Batman: Gates of Gotham #1!00:17:39 - Amazing Spider-Man #661 continues the Spider-Man-as-supporting-character-in-his-own-book trend.00:20:56 - Peter Parker is mad as hell and he's not taking it any more in Ultimate Spider-Man #158.00:23:39 - Last Mortal #1 is a fun new supernatural crime thriller from Image/Top Cow.00:26:09 - Paul can't believe that he didn't read The Rocketeer Adventures #1.00:28:12 - Noted mutant hater Paul loves Uncanny X-Force #10.00:30:54 - Judd Winick continues to bring the awesome with Power Girl #24.00:34:51 - Jim really enjoyed Invincible Iron Man #504 despite the art.00:37:27 - Conor jumped back on Booster Gold #44 for the Flashpoint tie-in.00:39:13 - Batman rides a dragon and Superman wields a broadsword in Superman/Batman #84.User Reviews:00:41:02 - The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.00:41:55 - ctrosejr thinks that Tiny Titans #40 was not as good as previous issues.00:42:52 - kingdomofevan loves Alpha Flight #0.1.E-Mail:00:44:11 - Sean is looking to jump into some Marvel cosmic books.00:46:49 - Cesar R. wants to read some good '90s Superman stories.Voicemail:00:50:15 - Ben from Austin, TX thinks that DC is in a creative slump.Giveaway:00:55:58 - Jason Whitney and Sam Grover won the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes DVD giveaway!00:56:23 - Justin Bernard won the Last Mortal original art giveaway!Sponsors:This episode of iFanboy is brought to you - Get your summer movie tickets!Graphicly - Over 3,000 comics from Marvel, Archaia, BOOM!, Top Cow, Archie and more ready to download right now!Music:HolidayThe Subways