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June 5, 2011 - Suburban Tragedy as the guys have a ton of comics to discuss this week, an embarassment of riches in fact. Throw in an e-mail asking for opinions on the DC Comics reboot and you've got the makings for a podcast, good thing we were recording...Comics:00:02:20 - The excitement for Criminal is back for Conor with Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #100:10:49- Event books mania! We start with Fear Itself #3, which Conor compares to Transformers 200:15:27 - Flashpoint #2 comes in with a bit of a "shocking" ending for Ron (heh heh get it?)00:19:07 - The world of Flashpoint kicks off with Flashpoint: Batman, Knight of Vengence #1 and it's the clear hit for everyone00:21:02 - Where as, in Flashpoint: Abin Sur, The Green Lantern #1, not much is different aside from looking like the movie00:22:35 - Conor didn't like Flashpoint: Secret Seven #1, but oddly enough, Ron did00:23:49 - Conversely, Conor really liked Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint #1, whereas Ron didn't really like it00:26:00 - If you're looking for sci-fi genre fun, Ron thinks you should try 50 Girls 50 #100:28:03 - The multiple personalities get that much better in Moon Knight #2 and both Conor and Ron loved it00:30:39 - Uncanny X-Force #11 does the unthinkable, make returing to the Age of Apocalypse not only work, but be awesome00:33:16 - Josh feels like we're headed for a conclusion to the greater story with Hellboy: The Fury #100:37:15 - One of Conor's favorite issues in a while, Jonah Hex #68 is a great one room mystery00:38:35 - We have to be honest, Amazing Spider-Man #663 was rough, and we're worried about the future of the title00:40:01 - The Zombie Christmas Carol #1 was surprisingly enjoyable, with some great art00:41:02 - Who is Jake Ellis #4 keeps up the quality suspense and action with a great cliffhangerUser Reviews:00:42:02 - The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.00:43:18 - SilverAgeTom is down on the latest with Hulk #34.00:45:38 - TheNextChampion struggles with the story but loves the art on S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol. 2 #1E-Mail:00:47:38 - Neil B. has got the question everyone is asking, what do we thnk of the DC Comics reboot?Sponsors:This episode of iFanboy is brought to you by:Graphicly - Over 3,000 comics from Marvel, Archaia, BOOM!, Top Cow, Archie and more ready to download right now!Music:Martin Kemp Welch Five A-Side Football Rules!Art Brut