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June 12, 2011 - Conor has run for the border, and left us with staff writer Ryan Haupt to do the show with Josh and Ron. There is a stack of very fun books, and at least one of us read at least some of them. Then, appropriate to Ryan on the show, we make with the science. And a special guest from the past!Comics:00:02:06 - Art, story, scope, and Nazi vampires make American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1 a prime choice for Pick of the Week.00:11:21- Flashpoint! Does Emperor Aquaman #1 swim in tepid waters?00:13:21 - Flashpoint! Will Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1 be the best title ever?00:15:51 - Flashpiont! We figure out which Len Snart is in Citizen Cold #1.00:17:17 - Flashpoint! Deathstroke #1 features Deathtroke as a pirate.00:17:59 - Hands up. Who thought Josh was going to pick Scalped #49?00:20:14 - If he ain't gonna die, he's sure getting beat the hell up in Ultimate Spider-Man #159.00:23:01 - We come to the end of the road with Echo #30.00:28:36 - Here's a taste of what's to come in Empowered Special #2.00:29:20 - Meet the Lion in Blue Estate #3.00:30:02 - Glamourpuss #19. 19! Dave Sim will never stop.00:31:28 - Ooh! Monsters return in Screamland #1.00:32:49 - If you're a fan of Andi Watson, 15 Love #1... is a comic book.00:34:48 - Is she coming back or isn't she in The Iron Age: Alpha #1?00:36:37 - More fun with Savage Dragon #171, and all those artists.User Reviews:00:37:30 - The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.00:38:30 - JDudley is pretty thrilled with Journey Into Mystery #624.00:40:28 - tomdpimp would slap a man for not liking Punisher MAX #14.E-Mail:00:41:48 - Jon wants to know how Wolverine would deal with a tattoo.00:46:05 - Robert asks about this whole DC digital situation.Voicemail:00:54:05 - Guess who's back in the muther-f'n house, and didn't like X-Men: First Class?Check out Ryan Haupt's podcast, Science... sort of.Sponsors:This episode of iFanboy is brought to you by:Graphicly - Over 3,000 comics from Marvel, Archaia, BOOM!, Top Cow, Archie and more ready to download right now!Music:June HymnThe Decemberists