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June 19, 2011 - Conor returns, it's hot out, Ron is patronizing towards Canada, and Game of Thrones finds its way into the discussion (a lot ). This one goes off the rails almost immediately.Comics:00:01:47 - The Pick of the Week, Invincible #80, reminded Ron why he loves the series.00:09:33 - Alpha Flight #1 was a fun and solid action book.00:12:25 - Both Ron and Josh loved Northlanders #41 and are even more sad that the book is ending.00:14:52 - Avengers #14 featured fantastic Romita art.00:17:37 - Flashpoint! Deadman and the Flying Graysons #1 wasn't just a great cover.00:19:44 - Flashpoint! Wonder Woman and The Furies #1 is Conor's favorite Flashpoint book so far.00:21:10 - Flashpoint! Grodd of War featured the best villain in years.00:23:52 - Flashpoint! Legion of Doom #1 was the weakest of the bunch.00:25:02 - Justice League: Subway - Famous Fans #1 induced hunger.00:29:20 - Ron continues to enjoy the lead-up to the big story with X-Men: Prelude to Schism #3.00:30:38 - Uncanny X-Men #538 wraps up Kieron Gillen's first arc in a fantastic way.00:31:14 - Shocker! Archie + Friends #156 is on the list but not because of Conor.00:33:26 - Josh was surprised that he liked Hulk #35.00:34:26 - Josh was surprised to learn that he was the only one who read Superman/Batman #85.User Reviews:00:36:04 - The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.00:37:57 - boomergirl loved Power Girl #25.00:39:25 - Bakhox was very fond of Doctor Who #6.Book of the Month:00:40:59 - The Flash Omnibus by Geoff Johns, Volume 1E-Mail:00:48:17 - Anthony M. wants to know which writing duo is better: Abnett + Lanning or Grey + Palmiotti.Voicemail:00:49:50 - Daryl asks about the lack of strong female characters in the Marvel Universe.Sponsors:This episode of iFanboy is brought to you by:Graphicly - Over 3,000 comics from Marvel, Archaia, BOOM!, Top Cow, Archie and more ready to download right now!Music:The CaveMumford and Sons