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Genre: Comedy
Cinema Premiere: 17/06/2011
Production Country: United Kingdom, United States
Directed By: Jonathan Newman
Producer:, Reliance
Cast: Mandy Moore, Martin Freeman, Melissa George, Jerry Stiller, Jonathan Silverman
Film Duration: 85 min
Production Year: 2010
Plot Outline: The story of Alvin and Ellie's, a couple living in London at 'breaking point' in their relationship. We are in the present day, looking back at the eventful moments in their lives. Two young students, Alvin and Ellie, meet at university, fall in and out of love, discuss music, hair and other less important things. Ellie is from the U.S. and they do things differently there. We jump 10 years and they are now married and have successful careers but do they have time for each other? Advised by best friends Peter and Janet, Alvin and Ellie analyse the best and worst bits of their relationship. Do they stay together, do they have children, are sex toys good for marriage... Should they swing?