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CNET’s Top 5 Laptop Recommendations


“She will be paid for the remainder of this year, but will not be allowed to return to her teaching job. Her struggles to outrun her past continue to be thwarted by modern technology, where her videos continue to pop up on various adult websites.” - Meaghan Ringwelski reporting on Tera Myers who is an ex-porn star who left the industry when she was in her early twenties. 16 years later her past has caused her to lose teaching positions on two occasions.

SOURCE: Yahoo News

“The migration to the Web is accelerating. The quick adoption of the tablet (computer) and the spread of the smartphone is only adding to that.” - Tom Rosentiel, director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism commenting on a recent Pew Research Study that says more Americans get their news online as opposed to newspapers.

SOURCE: Reuters

“I think it was all a show, with no real intent to get a deal done, other than just to say they made a proposal — that was no different than anything else that they proposed over the last couple years, couple months, couple weeks.” - Drew Brees, quarterback for The Orleans Saints and plaintiff in the players’ antitrust lawsuit against the NFL.

SOURCE: Associated Press

Deputy: Strip search finds crack between buttocks

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