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News from Japan continues to worsen. The news is sketchy but it seems that a meltdown is inevitable.There will be a ripple effect throughout Japan’s economy. As we found out, just two years ago, the world economy is not insulated from a major player like Japan.I’m working on a post describing why I love Governor Scott Walker. He is exposed the underbelly of the GOP. He is shown the world the Republicans, not just Scott Walker, want to enrich their friends at the expense of everyone else. Republicans of use platitudes about family values and being in the mainstream for years.Somebody needs to answer over the treatment of Bradley Manning.To get elected to a major office in United States you don’t necessarily need people to like you. I know this is counterintuitive but this is a fact. Think about Richard Nixon. He was never the most likable president. He split the electorate. Therefore, it is possible to win the White House even if you’re not the most likable guy in the field. The key is, you can’t be the most hated guy. You cannot have highly unfavorable ratings. Unfavorable ratings are hard to change. These are people who will come out and campaign against you because they dislike you so much. So, when you’re looking at polls, you really need to look at candidates on favorability ratings. The higher the on favorability, the less likely that candidate can get any traction. This brings me to Newt Gingrich. I just look at his on favorability ratings and smile. (Sarah Palin is in much better.)


Looks like Japan is bracing for a nuclear meltdown. This is terrible.The death toll in Japan continues to rise. Now, there are over 3300 confirmed dead.Eric Cantor tries to justify continued cuts in foreign aid.Wisconsin Democrats are back in Madison but you know that the Republicans aren’t going to let that stand. The Democrats tried to stand up for principle. You can’t let something like this go. So the Republicans have found the Democrats in contempt of the Senate and as such they aren’t going to be allowed to vote on anything. Beautiful. What jerks.

Any thoughts?