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Filed under: Oscar News, Awards, Cinematical

We have arrived at the final days before the 83rd Academy Awards. In the four weeks since the nominations, all the Oscar bloggers and experts have tried to analyze and pick apart what every award victory and loss means. There is the usual drama over what is accurate in the biopics, actual drama in front-runners taking out their own "for your consideration" ads and invented drama over who may be the new race leaders, usually planted by journalists with close ties to studios or in desperate need of a story to draw attention to themselves. You will get none of that here. Nothing but pure guesstimates and hunches from the heart as it is time to offer a few last minute stats and analyses on who may have a new eight-pound golden friend to make room for.

To help string you along, we'll mix things up just like the Oscarcast is bound to do. And we'll take a cue for the order with last year's ceremony.

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