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After watching a program on television recently, I found myself deeply affected by it’s content. Not having had any children of my own, and always holding certain sadness about that, these visions played heavily on my soul.

The Power is Within

I am so deeply saddened by some sights that fill my mind

Resulting from frustration of a most disturbing kind

I’m seeing children who’ve been tossed aside for one reason or another

Never able to experience the nurturing love of their mother

The mother’s been distracted by temptations she cannot deny

The powers of the drugs have left her child to cry

The child has been discarded and left to find their way

So that the mother can just get her fix to last just one more day

And yet that tender being that’s been left alone to tend

Somehow manages to conquer and finds a rainbows end

It seems that somewhere deep inside she found the strength to be

She never totally lost touch with the power that is she

Then other children lose their way still seeking out – outside

They forget their own inheritance and they feel they have to hide

Not recognizing that all they need is deep inside their skin

If only I could show them that their power is within

Alas, this is their journey – I must honor them this gift

It is their road to freedom – It is their chance to shift

I must lead only by example – and be all that I can be

Hold all the children in the light and set their spirits free

Copyright BEST 2011