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Sometimes I feel that I am being herded like a little lamb; simply following the gang and not even thinking about the consequences. I want to shake my head in disbelief that I am caught up in the drift – going along with the program – then suddenly I realize, no, I don’t want to do that. Then it is time for me to speak up!

Isn’t it Pathetic?

Isn’t it pathetic how I’m led into an abyss – allowing myself to be wooed by an outside force

The advertisers are telling me that I might have some dreadful thing

Who am I to question this reliable source?

The oil companies are telling me that oil is getting low

And who am I to think that I know better?

Isn’t it pathetic with this cost of gas so high?

It’s not as if I could even write a letter

The Health Insurance companies tell me they can’t cover me

Because I’ve had something that I may get again

I thought that’s what they’re there for

Isn’t it pathetic – if not now please tell me when?

Now the drug companies are telling me that “this pill is the best!”

And if my health insurance won’t cover me ’cause costs are high

Isn’t it pathetic that even if I were covered and the doctor said I should

The health insurance wouldn’t even pay for it and I shouldn’t even try

Isn’t it pathetic – Perhaps I should think again

Keep a positive attitude and be clear in my intent

I’ll take full responsibility for all that happens to me

I’ll choose to be very healthy – knowing my inner power’s well spent

copyright Best 2011