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Visit http://www.TRCMarketing.comPrepaid Legal Scam? Jermaine Johnson Success StoryMLM Home Business Leads, Training with Rick Cote. Learn how to build your Prepaid Legal MLM Home Business like the Top Income Earners in the MLM Home Business Industry.Prepaid Legal ServicesAbout Prepaid LegalPrepaid Legal Services, Inc. is a multilevel marketing company that specializes in the sales of insurance and legal services. It was founded in August of 1972 by Harland C. Stonecipher after he was involved in an accident and sued by the other party. At its inception the company was called The Sportsman's Motor Club and provided reimbursement of legal expenses to members as a car club service. The company was incorporated in 1976 as Prepaid Legal Services and went public on NASDAQ in 1984.Prepaid Legal ServicesThe Prepaid Legal Services, Inc product line consists of prepaid legal plans for individuals, families and companies. They also sell identity theft protection services, and a virtual file cabinet designed to help small companies develop paperless HR departments. Not all plans are available in all areas.The company markets their legal plans as the "HMOs of the judicial system."Prepaid Legal Plans -- Standard Family PlanMembers receive unlimited phone consultations with their appointed law firm, an unlimited number of contract and document reviews, and have one free Will drawn up for the primary member. Members can also have their attorney send letters or make a phone call on their behalf to address a troublesome issue. Legal services include representation for minor offenses like traffic tickets, and major offenses like manslaughter or vehicular homicide. Members also receive a set number of hours for trial defense per year. The company also provides audit defense, whereby members receive up to 50 hours of legal help should they ever receive notice of an Audit from the IRS.Prepaid Legal Plans -- Expanded Family PlanThis plan provides the same services as the Standard Family Plan, except members receive 75 hours of trial defense time the first year with 65 hours added per each year the plan is renewed.Prepaid Legal Plans -- Business PlansThese plans focus on providing services to small businesses with 99 employees or less. Members are provided with unlimited phone consultations for advice on basic legal matters such as verbal contracts and small claims. For more involved legal issues like securities and patents, members get two consultations per year. The Provider Law Firm will also write one legal letter per subject per year. Additional services include basic review of three contracts per year, one executed contract per month, up to three business documents review and ten debt collection letters (each must be separate matters). Businesses are entitled to 75 hours of trial defense and additional legal services not covered are available at 25% of the lawyer's normal hourly rate. A membership to is also included, which entitles members to consultations with small business experts about matters such as tax deductions, web promotion, time management, accounting and finance options.Identity Theft ShieldThis is an identity protection product that provides members with a credit report, credit monitoring and assistance with restoring identity should a theft occur. This product is marketed as an easy way to prevent identify theft and to get help with fixing the issues that arise from it.Safeguard For MinorsThis identity protection plan is aimed at preventing children's identity theft. Members receive training materials covering protecting children from having their identity used by family members, safeguarding personal information, and reestablishing a child's identity if it has been stolen and used. The plan also provides credit monitoring, assistance with locking down a child's credit profile as well as searching for fraudulent use, and identity restoration in the event of identity theft.To your success,Rick Cotehttp://www.trcmarketing.combrian carrutherschris hugheschrista aufembergdarin kidddarnell selfdave savuladavid hughesfran alexanderfrank aucoinhal fareshharland stonecipherjeff hughesjesse macphersonjoe dameronjohn gardnerjohn malottjosh dennejoshua dennejermaine johnsonken moorekevin rheamark brownmark smithmicheal hughesmike dorseymike humesmike melianick serbapatrick shawrichard devastorob vestron diazsteve flemingsteve houstontom woodtony hughesprepaid legalprepaid legal blastoff networkprepaid legal compensationprepaid legal helpprepaid legal leadsprepaid legal opportunityprepaid legal network marketingprepaid legal reviewprepaid legal scamprepaid legal strategiesprepaid legal success