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Final Fantasy Crisis Core AMV - The fight between Sephiroth and Genesis and Angeal.Song: Sierra Leone (Dubstep remix) - Mt EdenEdited by FearTheeBlade using Sony Vegas.Some of the edited parts are very subtle so you may have to look more closely.Loveless:PrologueWhen the war of the beasts brings about the world's endThe goddess descends from the skyWings of light and dark spread afarShe guides us to bliss, her gift everlastingAct IInfinite in mystery is the gift of the goddessWe seek it thus, and take it to the skyRipples form on the water's surfaceThe wandering soul knows no restAct IIThere is no hate, only joyFor you are beloved by the goddessHero of the dawn, Healer of worldsDreams of the morrow hath the shattered soulPride is lostWings stripped away, the end is nighAct IIIMy friend, do you fly away now?To a world that abhors you and I?All that awaits you is a somber morrowNo matter where the winds may blowMy friend, your desireIs the bringer of life, the gift of the goddessEven if the morrow is barren of promisesNothing shall forestall my returnAct IVMy friend, the fates are cruelThere are no dreams, no honour remainsThe arrow has left the bow of the goddessMy soul, corrupted by vengeanceHath endured torment, to find the end of the journeyIn my own salvationAnd your eternal slumberLegend shall speakOf sacrifice at world's endThe wind sails over the water's surfaceQuietly, but surelyAct V (made by Genesis)Even if the morrow is barren of promisesNothing shall forestall my returnTo become the dew that quenches the landTo spare the sands, the seas, the skiesI offer thee this silent sacrificeNO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT INTENDED. I DO NOT OWN THE CLIPS USED IN THIS VIDEO OR THE AUDIO.