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United States president Barrack Obama has begun the journey to India on Saturday and had been moving his visit in India has planned. Obama and his wife Michelle Obama reached Mumbai airport on Saturday and had many colorful vacation in India.

Obama started his visit as the token of enjoyment with the differently abled students at Mumbai library. Michelle Obama, best well-known woman for her the stylish dressing and she has filled her wardrobe with colorful Indian dresses for the first time. Michelle Obama was able to match her dance steps with the children, which was quite appreciable. Her speech with the students was inspirable in the aspect of patriotism.

K.K.Muhammad, Obama’s guide, and an archaeologist guided Obama and Michelle Obama through the red sandstone monument and its history. Muhammad acts as the guide for great foreign heads for the last two decades. He explained about several things and the mentionable fact is the explanation towards the Humanyun’s tomb and its heritage.

Obama looked so simple at his dress, wearing a white shirt and a formal black pant. He had an interactive session with the students of St. Xavier College. His main talks include the peace among Indians and Indo-pak ties to make peace. He also highlighted about the Gandhi’s great principle and their implementation in daily life. He ended his talks with the relaxing dance with schoolchildren.

Indian President Pratibha Patil, US President Obama, his wife Michelle Obama, and Manmohan Singh met at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Monday. Obama made his statement that the relationship with the India will stand over for decades. He gave his support over the U.N Security Council and discussed about India’s concern over terrorist act.

Obama began his speech not as a president of United States but as a simple person and shared his views to America and world. He made his bold speech in front of Lok Sabha members, Indian Vice President, and prime minister. Obama and Michelle Obama had their visit very colorful as well as the opportunity to share their views in India with Indians.

Obama’s visit moving successful and meaningful
Originally published on: All India Today

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