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"Fall Back" - Rafael Casal (Tuesday Special) - WIP
FALL BACK (Work in Progress) Productiion by Wildman Written & recorded by R. Casal Got sent this track a day or so ago, just as an idea of something the guys back in the Bay were working on. I have been on the road for the last few weeks, dying to make some new music but being too caught up in the adventure of being on the road. I wrote this today with a few things in mind - 1st of course was my need to do somethin fly for our weekly TUESDAY SPECIAL, and the other was to build more material for this larger theater/musical I have been working on out here in Madison (where I have landed for the last part of my jet setting on this trip.) Check out this work in progress, and enjoy! LYRICS you talkin crazy I dont mean to be mean or obscene or mistreat ya believe me i want ya daily but this dont seem even seems like its leanin aint no reason to be lost and angry im spent one thing at a time is it you or the rent you say you aint askin much from men but you dont seem content with another clark kent i guess time to take my glasses off cuz the way I framed it you were mistaken right as im leavin yup blastin off you'll be back with the fans sayin hes amazin spent too much time catorin to your favorite now you expect the bow tie and platters watch you eat offa me then go and talk to these actors love your hands and feet but on them I aint waitin Oh, you're a whole lot of drama and so, im'a need me a comma fall back my minds goin crazy rr roundin circles i just want my baby but so <b>...</b>From:rafaelcasalViews:46515ratingsTime:04:35More inMusic