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"Detox" - Jessica Tonder Remix feat. Rafael Casal (Tuesday Special)
Tueday Special - Always Served HOT "Detox Remix" Original song by Jessica Tonder I am an avid youtube junky, mostly in hopes of finding amazing music to help spread and support. This woman Jessica Tonder is truly amazing, and has far too few youtube views for her amount of talent. SO! I remixed her "Detox" Joint, and have included the link to her youtube page below for your enjoyment. Her other song "Art of War" was the first that pulled me in, so check that out too! Jessica Tonder - youtube Please subscribe and keep good art in rotation! R LYRICS (R. Casal) somehow you got in me in me/ loving you plenty/ hit to the vein to the brain leave a stain / cant complain i was empty/ so made you miss me mama did you miss me? good, come over and kiss me/ with you i just pop the top til the fun stop/ but your bottoms up in my love cot/ what a cold glock to be shot with a colt 47/ kissin yo mack eleven love it when these guns talk/ chit chatter clips kick a quick bitter banter/ quite a goliath to my david banner manner/ master of the laughter so the smiles got you buttoned down/ never frown around me less you pouty cuz im outa town/ truth is you are my city kiss your underbelly/ just want to be your crime wave let me tap your lines/ cant decide which way I want to save you/ make you pay or lucas frank blue prank you guess ill play both sides/ liquor liquor fuck and then we bicker/ hot as cinder your temper got my grass smoother than pender/ smoke the green out of <b>...</b>From:rafaelcasalViews:48012ratingsTime:04:35More inMusic