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Exploring the occult symbols in some of the most popular video game tiles out their. "Six billion cries of agony will birth the new balance. Unfortunately, you will not live to see the dawn." -- Albert Wesker, Resident Evil 5.The 'new balance' quoted by the villain of the game, Albert Wesker, is similar to Adolf Hitler's 'New Order' as it was referenced at the time. Hitler's eugenics program was among the most highly developed in the world[12]. Its aim: to create and maintain a superior Aryan/Nordic race while routing out all the 'inferior' ethnicities/subraces. If Hitler were to have succeeded, society would have looked like a global caste system very similar to that practiced in India. But these weren't just the dangerous musings of a single madman. Major Leonard Darwin, one of Charles Darwin's sons and notably President of the First International Congress of Eugenics, saw the need for a similar future world, which, in his own words, would be 'so rigid as to prohibit all movement between the different social strata in order to remedy the harm done by educational facilities generally". Of course, for the average Joe there's the problem of having to justify your existence by virtue of your genetic makeup or inheritable traits -- or, on a more sociological level, tendency towards anti-social behavior. Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once told an audience that people would have to justify their existence in front of a eugenics court