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Filed under: Movie News, Cinematical

It might just be possible that Marvel and Paramount have found the missing link between the Hulk and all the fans who complained about the way the character looked in his last film: motion capture.

As we all know, the raging Incredible Hulk is not the reason we're getting 'The Avengers' in a few years. Nope, most of that is all due to that flamboyant Tony Stark and his 'Iron Man' popularity. In the last seven years, we've been treated to two Bruce Banner films -- Ang Lee's 'Hulk' and Louis Leterrier's 'The Incredible Hulk.' As far as potential blockbuster franchises go, neither did very well. Each failed to even make their budgets back on the domestic gross, and cast a general air of malaise on the iconic and plagued superhero. But things are changing with 'The Avengers,' especially when it comes to way Hulk is brought to life on screen. Mark Ruffalo has announced that he will use motion capture technology to become the infamous green monster.

Could that make all the difference?

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