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The album now available on iTunes!!! is proud to present... We Get MoneyStarring Drew Deezy, Thai, Feat. Glasses Malone and Matt Blaque!! Produced by Traxamillion!!Get the "We Get Money" RINGTONE @ http://454life-ent.comCHECK OUT 454 ON FACEBOOKâ–º SHIRTS, HATS, CDs, & DVDs! â—„â–º WEBSITE â—„http://454.vnâ–º FACEBOOK â—„â–º TWITTER â—„ @454lifeâ–º TUMBLR â—„http://454life.tumblr.comhttp://454ceo.tumblr.comâ–º BOOKING â—„booking@454.vnLyrics:HOOK:You can catch me in the hood everdayon top of my grindRiding low in my black escalade,pistol grip on my lap at all times,no love for a hater, cuz a hater never had no love for meI get dough and im about that cashCuz i blast squeeze first ask questions last.DREWS VERSE:Funny ass cats act like they want to sign me /How is that homie when u can't even out shine me /If u need some kicks I could get u some shoes /If u need some brids we own that zoo /Everything I rap is so damn true /Why would we lie this is what we do /Got more cake then ur home town baker/Stay on the grind way more then a skater /Everybody know that we got papper /Back in the I use to sell to cracc addics/ now I sit bak they call me mr mathmaddics/If u paying 23 then come see me /We get it for the dub and send it to the a /30 a cake coming stright from the bay/Conect dnt run dry we got it all day /HOOK:GLASSES MALONE:Niggaz know G wit the functionFunk wit whoeverFaze of the dumpinIts whatever when it comes to my lunchAnd u stop me from eatin prepare for the lumps and bruises foolishHomies go hardThis watts niggaz rims cost more then there carsCops tryin to put my own tour behind barsIts off time but even more if its hardSo I leave the base to the speakersPut water in the street like the radiator leakingReal talk if its pcp u seekingU talkin to the champ aint no defeatinBoy just tell me what u need cuzzHomeboy I got a vietnamese plug454 its more then just rap jackAnd u Aint got to rap for u to get clapped at--HOOKTHAI'S VERSE:Forget c o dIll drop u a 100 packsHit texas I want 400 backshit new york I need 500 backAsk about Thai I'm all around the map18 wheelers I bet u i get it clearedBlock that routeThere's a jet in the air454 ways to get it thereMy money worldwide I'm paid everywhereI stay connectedThru the interstate sectionsalways prepared for jackaz that want test meI'm makin so much moneyOff of maruijnaI'm a meet drew deez out in tiujanaWe get it real cheapCuzzin its wholesaleWhat asians u know fuckin with the cartelI'm makin this mailI got stories to tellSo if u asked meI'm a always keep it realHOOK