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Summer 2010 may be over and Oscar season has all but begun with the highly anticipated debuts of Never Let Me Go, The Way Back, 127 Hours, and The King's Speech (all four screened at the Telluride Film Festival last weekend), with more to come (e.g., The Social Network), but multiplexes will have their share of non-serious, non-Oscar-bait films that will likely draw bigger audiences than those (and other) Oscar hopefuls. They're meant to be entertaining crowd-pleasers, not serious-minded thought-provokers. Moviegoers will judge them both on those expectations and their individual merits.

Megamind, DreamWorks Animation's second animated film this year (How to Train Your Dragon was the first), borrows heavily from the Superman mythos, but instead of one alien infant saved from the destruction of his planet by a fortuitous rocket ship, Megamind has two, a Superman-like superhero, Metro-Man (voiced by Brad Pit) and Megamind (Will Farrell), a big-brained, blue-skinned alien who's the long-suffering supervillain to Metro-Man's swaggering superhero. A Lois Lane knock-off, Roxanne Ritchie (Tina Fey), provides Megamind with another foil for his antics.

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