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or **LOU CORONA'S Recipe E-Book*SHOP*BLENDERS*SHOP in our amazon store*AMAZON direct shopping*LOU CORONA'S Recipe E-Book*TO ORDER REALLY RAW ALMONDScost is $60 for a 5 pound bagINCLUDING shipping!e-mail Bruce, the almond (he NO longer uses hotmail)OR call (949) 922-0919& please tell Bruce that Dan sent you!❤ GREENSMOOTHIEmade w/RAW LIVINGCOCONUTALMONDYOGURT ❤* I n g r e d i e n t s *— 2 cups RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT ( see the recipe video for that right here! )— 1 bunch CILANTRO— 1 bunch SPINACH— 1 AVOCADO— 1 MANGO, roughly sliced— OPTIONAL: 1 HABANERO PEPPER— Dash of HIMALAYAN SEA SALT— ¼ cup NUTRITIONAL ESSENTIALS from NCP (Natural Choice Products)— 1 THAI YOUNG COCONUT WATER* P r e p *— 1) If you haven't already, you must first make at least 2 cups of RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT by following the recipe in this video:— 2) Toss the RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT, CILANTRO, SPINACH, AVOCADO, MANGO, HABANERO PEPPER, HIMALAYAN SEA SALT & NUTRITIONAL ESSENTIALS into your Vita-mix blender, or whatever blender is the best blender for you:— 3) Open the THAI YOUNG COCONUT to get the coconut water out—watch this vid if you need help: . Pour the young coconut water into the blender as well.— 4) Blend at high speed until desired consistency is reached, serve, and enjoy!* I n s p i r a t i o n *— By CULTURING raw living foods like this Coconut Almond Yogurt, we make it PREDIGESTED, so we are directly getting AMINO ACIDS, FATTY ACIDS & GLUCOSE instead of whole proteins, fats & carbohydrates that our bodies would otherwise have to work at breaking down.— Raw living cultured foods help your body and muscles to maintain and grow strength!You can pick up LOU CORONA'S Recipe E-Book right here!** LOU CORONA Recipe E-Book:Get Lean, Clean And Serene **32-Page Recipe E-book includes:~ Lou Corona's Bio~ The Four Principles of Life~ The Essential Elements for a Long, Healthy, Happy Life~ Facts About Enzymes~ Facts About MSM~ Food Combining Chart~ 17 Delicious RECIPES~ Recommended Reading*Prepare to Experience Cellular Nutrition on a Whole New Level!* YOU DIG IT? :DLove, Dan.*SHOP