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The trailer for Danny Boyle's 127 Hours appears to be working. It won last week's poll with about 40% of the vote, beating out second- and third-place trailers A Horrible Way to Die (19%) and Legendary (14%). Good to see a number of you are also looking forward to the new documentary from Charles Ferguson, Inside Job (8%).

This week's big movie is Machete, which is kind of based on a trailer. What kinds of movies do you advertise ahead of something like that? How about another movie kind of based on a trailer, like Hobo with a Shotgun? It's especially appropriate because both of the original "fake" trailers were included in theatrical releases of Grindhouse -- though Hobo was only part of the Canadian version. I'm just assuming that the Rutger Hauer-starred B-movie about a violent vigilante is attached to the Danny Trejo-starred B-movie about a violent vigilante. Let me know if your cinema missed the opportunity.

As for the rest of the roundup, it's a pretty mixed bag, though there are a lot of international trailers this week, most for films we've already seen domestic spots for. Oddly enough, though, the English-language remake 13 had its first ad drop this week and none of it's in English. Hopefully we'll soon get to see the non-dubbed version, as well as a U.S. release date set for the well-cast thriller.

Find out my favorite trailer of the week -- for a film which interestingly and fittingly opens the same day as Top Chef Just Desserts debuts on TV -- and vote for your top pick in the poll after the jump.

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