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Present at this special announced meeting and briefing were besides representatives of national and local media press, television and local media and PAN and the Surrey Now and Source Newspapers; Philip Lemire Fire chief , Mayor Cathrine Ferguson, Community of White Rock, Dr. Elizabeth Brodkin, Health Officer for Fraser Health BC,and Dir, EPCOR's Mr. David Rector, Dir, 'Water & Wastewater Services Canada' leading the brieifng in White Rock, 25th Aug 2010..This information here being the part one of two on this channel to claify the situation for media and its audiences the important developments with regard to the White Rock Water Utility and water quality debacle which no is into its second week forcing residents and people in White rock to boil their otherwise and usual excellent natural potable drinking water,,,It may be noted that voices are already heard about the fact one may contemplate to propose chlorinated water for White idea and proposal which would meet with strong opposition from the majority of residents of White Rock.From a bacteriological and health point of view it is understood that the relevant six wells and their well-heads in use for extraction of and distribution of the water to the two reservoirs in White Rock, seemingly shows no signs of being cocntaminated, but one of the reservoirs does in testing show signs of microorganisms and to an degree contaminated and a risk factor which must be eliminated so the health risk factor can be eliminated totally. Nobody wish to cause illness and disease.This in itself indicates that the briefing stated it may take another full week from today before the waterborne disease risk is removed and eliminated and thus water boil advisory will be prolonged and in effect for the time being.The word is out :Continue to Boil your water as directed until further notice"Fraser Health is together with personnel of EPCOR is monitoring the awkward situation for the population in White Rock and its business community.