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Bryan Burdick

In earlier posts and podcasts we discussed the theoretical advantages of behaviorally targeted advertising and how the Internet is best suited for the technique. Today we interview Bryan Burdick who is the Corporate Development Officer at which is a company that actually implements behavioral targeting via the Internet.

Bryan discusses how Bizo uses cookies and browsers to target ads to its publisher and ad network clients. He describes the process by which the behavior of the person sitting behind the browser is tracked anonymously and categorized into “buckets” that characterize qualities about him thereby enabling ads targeted at such individuals to be placed on his display screen.

Download interview to iPod, iPad, and iPhone here. (13 Minutes)

He also describes how the data is kept anonymous so as to protect individual privacy. We learn that offline marketers, such as Acxiom, actually have far more personal information about us than Bizo will ever collect via cookies.

Bryan also shares his thoughts on the applicability of behaviorally targeted ads on television as compared to the Internet. Although the Cable Industry’s “Project Canoe” is supposed to provide addressable advertising via conventional television CATV systems, our discussion with Bryan leaves us even more convinced that it will never be able to keep pace with the progress of such targeting on the Internet.

In short, it reinforces our conclusion that once unlimited Internet access is available on TV screens, all video entertainment, news, and sporting events will ultimately migrate there as well. One way to get unlimited Internet access on your TV is merely to connect a laptop computer to it and use the TV as a giant display for the laptop.