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'Dog Days Are Over,' Florence and the Machine

After seeing the trailer for the new Julia Roberts flick 'Eat Pray Love,' viewers will probably be thinking two things: "Is Julia Roberts still a 'Pretty Woman,' or what?" and "What was that infectious song playing in the background?" Though the first question is rhetorical, the featured tune would happen to be 'Dog Days Are Over,' by Florence and the Machine.

The lyrics to 'Dog Days Are Over' parallel the plot of 'Eat Pray Love' perfectly. The film, which is based on the best-selling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, chronicles the travels of a recent divorcée on a quest to find peace and happiness. Roberts stars as author and protagonist Liz Gilbert, who travels to Italy, India and Bali after realizing that her cookie-cutter way of life isn't bringing her any joy. She decides to travel to these three countries in order to eat delicious food, pray and meditate about her present state of being, and to find true love.