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Author: alohamassage10
Added: Tue, 04 May 2010 07:09:42 -0800
Duration: 0<a href="">Aloha Massage School of Massage Therapy</a> in Maui, HawaiiWhich Massage Is Right For You?Here is a quick guide to the most popular types of massage therapy to help you figure out which massage therapy style is right for you.1) Swedish Massage TherapyThis is the most common type of massage therapy in the United States. It is also known as Swedish massage or simply massage therapy.Massage therapists use long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle using massage lotion or oil.Swedish massage therapy can be very gentle and relaxing. If you've never had massage before, this is a good one to try first. To learn more, read the full article on Swedish massage1.2) Aromatherapy MassageAromatherapy massage is massage therapy with the addition of one or more scented plant oils called essential oils4 to address specific needs.The massage therapist can select oils that are relaxing, energizing, stress-reducing, balancing, etc. One of the most common essential oils used in aromatherapy massage is lavender.Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to stress-related conditions or conditions with an emotional component. To learn more, read the full article on aromatherapy massage5.