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<a href="">Cordless Phones Brain Tumors</a><a href="">Bluetube Headset</a>Phone watchdog Powerwatch, using a testing device called the Sensory Perspective Electrosmog Detector, even found electromagnetic fields as strong as three volts per metre in a bedroom above a room holding a cordless phone.The group's director, Alasdair Philips said: "As ill-health effects have been found at levels of only 0.06 volts per metre, this is very concerning. It's likely everyone in a house with a cordless phone will be constantly exposed to levels higher than this."The shock Swedish report - by scientists Lennart Hardell, Michael Carlbery and Kjell Hansson Mild - is backed up by many medical experts who believe cordless phones are a health risk.Harley Street practitioner Dr David Dowson said: "Having a cordless phone is like having a mobile mast in your house. I'd recommend anyone who has one to switch to a plug-in phone."But BT's health advisor, John Collins, disagreed. He said: "There's no conclusive scientific evidence linking the radiation to any of the symptoms experienced. The evidence is that it doesn't do us any harm. We're a responsible company and abide by all the guidelines set down by recognised experts."News of the World, 5th February 2006"In the last week I have learned of 3 people we personally know who have brain tumors. Two of those have had surgery to remove the tumor and one recently died. My friend and neighbor who had surgery on Wednesday, has a big huge scar down the side of his head, said that the side he talked on whether it was the cell or portable phone was the side the tumor was on.He will start chemo and radiation soon and faces a challenging battle to survive this. Also, one of my best friend's friend died recently in Chicago of a brain tumor after a long, hard battle."<a href="">