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I wish I didn't have to focus primarily on the matter of its graphic violence, but Michael Winterbottom's controversial film of The Killer Inside Me is likely always going to be known first and foremost for its reputation as the movie in which Jessica Alba gets punched. A lot. Very hard. To the point where you can see skull exposed through the broken skin of her character's pummeled face (the guy who did Alba's prosthetic make-up also worked on Saw by the way). Even fifty years from now, when the infamous scene is considered tame by the standards of the time, it will be a main talking point in any historical readings of the film.

As for the present era, you may have heard about walk outs and Q&A tirades from its Sundance premiere, but experiencing the movie at its New York debut, I witnessed none of that. Whether it's because viewers here are tougher (sure, there were plenty of gasps and moans, but no mass exodus) or because the post-screening discussion excluded questions from the audience, due to time constraints, the crowd seemed far more upset ahead of the film's very late start as we had to wait for the celebrities to get through their red carpet parade for the gossip hounds wondering if Kate Hudson really got that rumored boob job or not.

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