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We're just getting back into The United States of Tara on Showtime and now Toni Collette is heading overseas. Deadline Hollywood reports that she and Ioan Gruffudd are starring in Foster -- a family film being shot in London that they describe as "a feel-good Sixth Sense." But it's more than just Casper-y. It seems that the supporting cast boasts Anne Reid, Richard E. Grant, and Hayley Mills. Yes, Ms. Child Star herself, who hasn't had a feature film since 2004's 2BPerfectlyHonest, and hasn't had a wide-spread feature since 1988's Appointment with Death.

Based on a 2005 short by Jonathan Newman (collaborating with producers Deepak Nayar), the film focuses on a couple (Collette and Gruffudd) who decide to adopt a child after their son is killed. "One day a boy unexpectedly arrives on their doorstep," which leads to the previously mentioned twist. Deadline's Tim Adler says: "It gives me shivers every time I think about it," and he notes that Peter Farrelly "was so impressed that he telephone Newman out of the blue and invited him out to LA to work on the feature together."

Talk about weird. We've got a Sixth Sense-y story in a family film with some big, shiver-inducing twist, that impresses one of the Farrelly Brothers, and co-stars Pollyanna. Since shooting has just begun, hopefully we'll hear more soon.

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