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or twitter: @rafaelcasal DOWNLOAD THIS SONG! This is the second installment of my "In process" sessions. I made this beat last saturday (shoutout to the First Wavers who sat in on the session with me and put in some work!) and then sat down and freestyled harmonies and lines to it 20 or so times until I memorized what I was repeating. Not my usual process, but it made for an organic taping. If your feeling the music, download my latest release THE MONSTER LP free at Thank you so much for everyone's continued support! -R :::LYRICS::: I got plans Many ideas cuz I come from the land of dreamers told myself somehow i'd be the baddest mothafucka that you've ever seen but here I am navigating grown what a strange uncertain way for me to chase the thrown (so) I'm lookin for who got me stuck but ain't nobody turning up ooo mama I'ma have to get on out of town cuz it's closing in and I'm breakin down i'll bet you know exactly what I'm goin through but to find me got some traveling to do I have to get it goin x3 I'm holdin me back I have to get it goin x3 I'm holdin me back you should know where its at would you mind giving me a map on lookers lookin on tend to be lookin wrong new songs are goin dusk my flow note book is dawn the rising of a sun understand why its hard see me so my pussy chasin me you think I changed my name to tweety I had to say it it came to mind I wish it became fake real is overrated sometimes new shoes but no ...