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or twitter: @rafaelcasal Download THE MONSTER LP here!!! On the day after I dropped my record, one of my students came jogging into my classroom (for a different class) and stopped at the door. He threw his arms up and said "Thank you for GIANT. really? REALLY?" or something to that effect. Until then, I hadn't played that song for much of anyone - I thought it was a bit too "out there" but I liked it and felt it deserved to be on the record. Its simplicity is powerful to me, and we felt we could give it a visual that did it justice. Most importantly, we had a story we thought we could tell, and we here at The Getback love telling stories with our music. We shot this in 7 hours on a sunday, and stayed up all night editing. We tried so many different techniques and angles to make this work, and in the end we are just happy we could pull off this scale of project(get it, scale??). It is a fun video to watch for the effects and concept, but there is so much in it to discuss. It continues this dialogue that we hope to provoke about men in transition. The idea of being a MONSTER. Of existing as the absurd, all the while walking amongst each other trying to cloak the incomplete. In this case, investigating THE GIANT. The ego, the superiority complexes and fluctuations in relationships that we all experience. As always, this song is another snapshot of a moment. an angle of humanity without the cloak, materializing through the towering imagery of a ...