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A Getback Production Exclusive for To download the track, click here!: For more info on Rafael Casal @ The Getback visit Lyrics! when I'm on tour I'm never insecure/ signin notebooks girls feel me premature/ and I aint even known barely steppin in the door/ still travelin alone expandin my repertoire/ they say maybe down the road what I'm makin may just soar/ so will you sign my poem cuz ya never be too sure/ everybody blown buyin me Coronas/ another time zone somebody bringin me Folgers/ on the college circuit no nothins ever perfect/ sometimes there's no crowd sometimes you can't work it/ so when it goes dead I just focus on the perks, shit/ I still got my bread and my hotels purchased/ and in the mornin you back on that jet blue/ to the next audience who's need to accept you/ buy a cd bring you to their venue/ tryin to make friends cuz thats what friends can do/ Some fans been followin me for ages/ saw me on HBO and call me famous/ grabbed my download subscribin to all my pages/ got my video on her phone she bootlegged it/ and I'm collectin every poster that my face on/ to celebrate the fact that I aint had to go and make one/ takin all these photos next day they're up on facebook/ taggin me and writin how the show was so amazin/ "Oh my god I loved it it was so good" But when I go home home to settle/ local folks speak like they grown and on my level/ tellin me they rock shows when I know they throw pebbles/ but I ...