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Knowing fully, that what she and her fellow Democrat Congressional cast members had promised was a far cry from the end product produced late Saturday night. Ms. Pelosi flashed a her polished dentures with confidence and convincingly told her audience she had delivered what America really needed. This sterling performance was delivered from the same staunch supporter of a women’s right to choose, that signed off on a bill that would deny poor women access to an abortion on any government back plan.Apparently her years of hamming for the cameras prepared Ms Pelosi to be able to employ her acting skills like a battery powered strap-on screw women just like a man.Not to be outdone, the Republican’s John “limp boner” Boehner appeared on cue, hitting his marks like a seasoned pro, starred in his own press conference. With his perfectly coiffed hair and Hollywood tan he predictably denounced his Democrat rival’s success with the usual dog-eared script of tax and spend and big govern