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Versão legendada em português do vídeo criado pelo usuario melodysheep: tributo a dois grandes homens da ciência. Carl Sagan e seu companheiro cosmologista Stephen Hawking. Quase todos os sons e imagens foram retirados da séria Cosmos de Carl Sagan e O Universo de Stephen Hawking.Descanse em paz Dr. Sagan, você faz falta!Para baixar a música: do autor original: original:Johnboswelj3@gmail.comLetra:If you wish to make an apple pie from scratchYou must first invent the universeSpace is filled with a network of wormholesYou might emerge somewhere else in spaceSome when-else in timeThe sky calls to usIf we do not destroy ourselvesWe will one day venture to the starsA still more glorious dawn awaitsNot a sunrise, but a galaxy riseA morning filled with 400 billion sunsThe rising of the milky wayThe Cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truthsOf exquisite interrelationshipsOf the awesome machinery of natureI believe our future depends powerfullyOn how well we understand this cosmosIn which we float like a mote of dustIn the morning skyBut the brain does much more than just recollectIt inter-compares, it synthesizes, it analyzesit generates abstractionsThe simplest thought like the concept of the number oneHas an elaborate logical underpinningThe brain has it's own languageFor testing the structure and consistency of the world[Hawking]For thousands of yearsPeople have wondered about the universeDid it stretch out foreverOr was there a limitFrom the big bang to black holesFrom dark matter to a possible big crunchOur image of the universe todayIs full of strange sounding ideas[Sagan}How lucky we are to live in this timeThe first moment in human historyWhen we are in fact visiting other worldsThe surface of the earth is the shore of the cosmic oceanRecently we've waded a little way outAnd the water seems inviting