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or Green came from an upper-middle class family from the U.K. His quest for finding the true faith began at a young age. Watch as he explains the how he came to Islam.Key Points of This VideoIslam is a religion of peace! [start time 01:05]A bit about my background [start time 02:40]Me questioning Christianity (Hail Mary) [start time 05:40]Me and Budhasim [start time 08:10]Me inventing my own religion [start time 13:00]My way to Islam [start time 14:00]God had a son? Died for our sins? [start time 17:00]Whose sins did Jesus die for you? [start time 19:50]I believe in God but, I dont follow any organized religion. [start time 25:10]Islam & Terrorism [start time 30:56]What do you need to do to get Paradise? [start time 36:09]Conclusion [start time 38:09]Visit for more like this thanks