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My name is Michael! Nice to meet you!Please rate/comment/fave!Subscibe for more!Send to friends to encourage them to start making videos!MAKE A VIDEO REPLY ANSWERING ANY/ALL or LEAVE COMMENT! Videos are better!1. What's your first name?2. Where are you from? Where do you live?3. How old are you?4. Whats your Favorite Color?5. Do you have any Pets? Tell me about them- Show them!6. Any siblings older younger? Whats the deal? Any kids?7. Do you collect anything now or when you were little?8. Whats your Favorite sport to watch9. Whats your favorite sport to play!10. . What magazines do you subscribe to?Please note this is a "filler video" I pre-shot while I am moving! Friday should be a normal WTBS! Yay!It is so much fun to make video replies to this and watch other people's. I made a lot of new friends last time!