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or am constantly surprised at the large number of people suffering from thyroid conditions, especially Hashimoto's Disease which is considered an immune disorder as their body is producing antibodies that are attacking their thyroid gland.Typical treatment for Hashimoto's is providing replacement thyroid hormones for the rest of that person's life. It is not a comfortable way to live with energy level swings and other body functions deteriorating over time but that is all conventional medicine currently has to offer.Over the last few years I have introduced a formula that contains the extracted active ingredients of 2 Russian adaptogens (aralia mandshirica & rhodeola rosea plus the active ingredients of 2 powerful full spectrum functional anti-oxidants, caucasian billberry and georgian pomengranate).This liquid formula has 300 milligrams of these powerful extracted active ingredients per ounce and the typical dosage is 4 ounces (1200 milligrams of active ingredients) per day at a cost of $6 per day and reduced dosage as the thyroid gland recovers, typically down to 2 ounces per day.The results have been spectacular! Since this is a nutritional, we cannot use the word "cure", but people are greatly reducing the amount of medication previously required and their Hashimoto symptoms are frequently rapidly relieved and their quality of life improves greatly.It is worth learning about these adaptogens and their positive impact on hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto's disease.Make sure and refer anyone you know with a thyroid disorder to this video and our info website.*** IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE ***Many products claim great health benefits from the adaptogens in them and thousands of people are familiar with Geoff Bodine (Nascar driver) and Monavie (acai berry) or Deepak Chopra recommending Zrii (amalaki fruit), plus lots of information put out by Noni, Xango, Goji, Fruta-Vida and many other juice companies.How much is true and can those juices really provide the dramatic health benefits they allude to?Visit and arm yourself with the information you need to evaluate these products and gain a fuller understanding of the history of adaptogens and the possible health improvements available by taking them.