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Sometimes you think you'll get a job after graduation, but it doesn't work out that way. Do you have Student Loan Debt You Can't Repay? Leave a comment below! Student loan debt in the US will exceed 1 trillion dollars this year, more than the credit card debt of all Americans. Many students have racked up sizable debts, and some are left to wonder whether their diplomas were worth the cost. Over the last decade, student loan borrowing has doubled as tuitions rise - Some people now feel that the university system has become part of a ponzi scheme designed to place on students an unconscionable amount of debt while subjecting them under the power of commanding financial institutions for years after they graduate. Under this economic model of subservience, there is no future for young people. Written by: Mike Damanskis & Emily Morris Starring Emily Morris & Jeremiah Watkins Featuring Chris Garnant as the bully and St. Peter Featuring Evan Shafran as the strip club patron Producer/DP/Editor: Mike Damanskis Music Remix: Joshua Funk Art by Amanda Moshier Thanks to Ed Zareh Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! LYRICS: Summer after high school we were college bound We were standing tall and walking proud Straight through graduation, we lived through public schools We went off to college, took out loans to finance We talked about our future, like we had a chance Never should have ...