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Thanks for all the love! Let's try and get this top favorited!! (click show more) The last few years of lives have been amazing and we have been truly honored to share our life with you! After over 900 consecutive days of vlogging and two years of being happily engaged, we finally got married on a perfect day surrounded by amazing friends and family. Thank you so much to everyone who had a hand in making this day so special - thank you to everyone who has stuck by us from day 1, and even if you're just joining us, we love you and appreciate the support. Thank you so much! YAY WE'RE MARRIED!!!! Love, Charles & Alli Trippy Song coverd by our buddies, Boyce Avenue (featuring Tyler Ward) watch their music video of it here!! Song originally by Coldplay "Fix You" HUGE HUGE HUUUUGE THANKS TO THE AMAZING PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS VIDEO! PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT BELOW AND SAY THEY ROCK!! An ApprenticeA Production See our 12-minute behind the scenes here Director: Corey Vidal - Editor: Brian - Camera: Corrado Coia - Camera: Jason Lupish - Camera Adrian Dudziak - Behind-The-Scenes Camera Ethan Wane - Assistant Editor: Shannon Antilles - In Association With Captivate Bridal Very Special Thanks Stephen Franklin Photography Cinema http Wedding Events Coordinated By ...