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Happy Thanksgiving my dear students! Follow me on twitter Add me on Facebook my website I hope you are home with your parents this Thanksgiving! My mom is so pissed at me for not coming back home to Russia to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Marina as mom on phone, in Russian... English subtitles. Marina.. how could you do this to your mother... we have celebrated Thanksgiving every single year since you were born and now you are too big for us to celebrate it with us this year. Marina as Marina... Mom.. what are you talking about.. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Russia! In fact Russians don't even know how to say thank you in the first place! Phew.. my Mom is crazy! Any excuse to yell at me! OK.. let's get on to our Thanksgiving lesson. Today we're going to learn about the origin of the word Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has a long, interesting history, so sit back, relax (don't pass out from the tryptophan yet) and enjoy some brain food! Intro In December 11, 1620, Pilgrims on the Mayflower set ground at Plymouth Rock after a long journey from Europe. There were a 102 people on board, but their first winter in the new land was devastating, and 46 people died. But in 1621, the harvest was a bountiful one and the remaining colonists decided to celebrate, and included the 91 Indians who, without them, it is said, the colonists would not have survived. The feast was like a traditional English harvest feast and lasted 3 days ...