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LIKE AND FAV FOR ALL THE HARD WORK WE PUT INTO THIS!! PLS30,000 Subs later and its finaly OUT! If you guys really enjoyed this! ill dedicate myself to bringing you the BEST community montages on youtube. I never once thought FLE would get this big and even though we have been through a lot. Some how everything manages to come back together. Just wanted to let you guys know I apreciate it ;) and after all were a family and familys sticktogether. 410 Uploads and they wont stop anytime soon! Anyone who messages me on youtube gets a reply in 3 - 5 days!FLE | The Original Icons (2009)Feel free to YT download the promo and upload: has always been one off my favorite editors and is a HUGE part off the FLE Team. So if you could take a second to check out his channel. I promise you wont regret it and after seeing this.. Im sure your already subscribed!Daywalker: Intro/ 3D Work done by my boyDST: In Order:Idealism - [LTR] Escape - ForeverBreaking Benjamin - I will not bow - Eon The Empire - Breaking Point - United We Stand (Part I) - DestroyedAudio - Genesis Device Sure to check out my other sexy channels!BestOneClipEdits: all off you :)- Dave , and ChrisFLE / Daywalker