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Thanks for watching!Get this song or the full album from iTunes: Amazon:"Nina Doesn't Care" off of Susan Egan's new CD, The Secret of Happiness, was co-written by Susan and famed comic and rock guitarist Brian Haner. The video was animated by former Disney animator, Ken Duncan, of Duncan Studio, and is dedicated to all you parents out there! Parenthood is the best ego-check in the world!Like Susan Egan on Facebook: Susan Egan on Twitter @IAmSusanEgan:\Follow Brian Haner on Twitter @GitGuy:!/gitguyCheck out Director of Photography, Jamie Hall: Doesn't Caremusic by Brian Hanerlyric by Brian Haner and Susan EganI've been up since 4 AM 'cause she had a runny nose.Changed her diapers twice -- washed her dirty clothes.She threw down her sippy-cup and then smeared me with some jam,I looked at her and said, "Don't you know who I am?"Nina doesn't care if I was once a star,She just pulls my hair as I strap her in the car.She's never seen me soar or charm them with a song;Once an ingénue, to her I'm only mom.When I'm on stage it's like I walk on air --Nina doesn't care.The Times said I was "stunning;" I got "4 stars" from the Post;Nina only giggles and whacks me with her toast.As she puts me through the paces, I try not to yell,But it's hard when she prefers the Mermaid over BelleNina doesn't care if the crowd is so impressed,She just makes a face and spits up on my dress.She's never seen my name up on the marquee,She's the princess now, and I'm just plain ol' me.She's never seen me in the spotlight's glare ...Nina doesn't careIf my hair's just right, or I took 3 curtain calls;She just needs me there to hold her tight,Catch her when she falls.Nina doesn't care if I've had a lousy night --Tired voice worn out, every song a fight.Or if I lost the part -- a role I wish I'd won,Or got a bad review -- what more could I have done?Then holding her's the answer to my prayer,Thank God -- Nina doesn't care.Nina Doesn't Care - Official Music VideoMusic by Brian HanerLyric by Brian Haner and Susan EganDirector of Photography Jamie Hall www.FilmJamie.comSubscribe and share with your friends! Thanks for watching.