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Yellowtop bigfoot breakdown

Ol' yellow top bigfoot, real or fake - some say it was for a movie and others think it could be real. Thanks tags: BigfootReal_or_FakesasquatchSquatchYellowtopYetiyowie

Hunter encounters White Bigfoot - Steve Interview

cThe Crypto Crew Interview series - Hunter encounters white bigfoot - Steve interview. This is our interview with Steve, This is a very ... tags: bigfoothowlsinterviewsasquatchsquatchTennesseeThe_Crypto_Crew

Provo Canyon witness interview

This is a phone interview conducted by Fox 13 News with the witness who shot the Provo Canyon Bigfoot footage. What do you think of his ... tags: Bigfootcrypto_crewinterviewMysterysasquatchSquatchYeti

Russian Bigfoot Breakdown

Reportedly this is one of the video to be featured as a real sasquatch in the Erickson Video. It moves fast in the deep snow. Thanks Please ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidenceCryptozoologycrypto_crewsasquatchYetiYowie

Jason Morse Bigfoot sighting

TCC's Jason Morse investigates the area where he seen a bigfoot Thanks for watching Please visit our site tags: bigfootCrewCryptoJasonMorsereportsasquatch

Connecticut Bigfoot (Slowed _ Enhanced)

I don't think this is a bigfoot. Thanks for watching. please visit tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchyetiyowie

Campsite bigfoot breakdown

This is not a bigfoot, but still a fun video.Thanks for watching.please visit tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchyetiyowie

Camper films bigfoot breakdown

This was the video that was later said to be from Rick Dyer. This footage is pretty good but the story is still being debated.Thanks for ... tags: bigfootcrewcryptoDyerRicksasquatchsquatch

Bobby and Corinna interview - Bigfoot sighting

This is an interview with Bobby and Corinna about their bigfoot sighting. Thanks for watching. please visit tags: bigfootsasquatchsquatchyeityowie

White bigfoot breakdown - as featured on Finding Bigfoot

this is the video of a 'white' bigfoot as fetured on the TV show Finding bigfoot - but It is clearly not a bigfoot it is a dude in a ... tags: bigfootcrewcryptodebunkedfindingsasquatchsquatch

Bigfoot Utah video breakdown part 2.

Could this possibly be a baby bigfoot on the back of it's mother or just a clever hoax Thanks for watching. please visit tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchyetiyowie

Bigfoot Teepee

TCC's Dax Rushlow finds possible bigfoot Teepee and a possible track. Thanks for watching. please visit tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchyetiyowie