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France3 brise l'omerta sur le 11-Septembre et le WTC7

Evnement mdiatique Aprs 10 ans de mise au ban de toute contestation de la thse officielle du complot, le JT du soir de France3 du 8 ...

11 septembre 2011 : 10ème anniversaire.

Cette vido est un tmoignage personnel des vnements du 11 septembre 2011 New York. Vous y retrouverez de nombreux anonymes, diffrentes ... tags: 1120012011CenterseptembreTradeWorld

9/11: Stabilized WTC7 (NIST FOIA - Release 28 #42A0309 - G28D14)

WTC7 from NIST FOIA release 28, folder 42A0309 - G28D14, 'WTC7COLLAPSE.mpg' stabilized and cropped. Re-dubbed with audio from the old ... tags: 9/11911CollapseDemolitionWTCWTC7Xenomorph

9/11 Explosive Connections - The 9/11 Masterminds

If you'd like to discuss this topic in detail go to Most of the material for this video was adapted from Kevin ... tags: 9/11 conspiracy theories 9/11 truth 911 CIA conspiracy demolition Inside Job

9/11 Suspects - Explosive Connections (Updated Fixed and Revised)

Most of the material for this video was adapted from Kevin Ryan's landmark article on who had 'Demolition access to the WTC ... tags: 9/119/11 truth911CIAconspiracydemolitionDov

CBS reporter suggests explosives in Twin Towers Freedom of Information Act video

Footage obtained by Freedom of Information Act where the reporter strongly suggests explosives were in the towers. Please note that only 30 ... tags: 9/11 911 afghanistan agenda al bin blair