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The Working Class Foodies story! Meet Rebecca Lando

Rebecca Lando is the producer of Working Class Foodies. She's one of our original Next New Creators. Hear the story and see some behind the ... tags: CreatorsSpotlightFoodShowHungryNationJustinJohnsonKitPennebakerNextNewRebeccaLando

Working Class Foodies: Garlic

The WCFoodies answer YOUR questions. Today, it's all about our most-used cooking ingredients. tags: CookingEatingGarlicHungryNationLocalOrganicRecipe

How to Make Polenta with Mushrooms & a Poached Egg

Easy, hearty, and perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner, this organic, seasonal recipe combines some hidden gems of the winter farmer's ... tags: cookingEggsfoodHow-toHowToCookHowToMakePolentaWithMushroomsAndAPoachedEggHungryNation

Savory & Sweet Chocolate Recipes for Valentine's Day

Food historian Francine Segan shows the Working Class Foodies two beautiful, affordable, and easy recipes using Chocolate for a romantic ... tags: CakeChocolateCookingFoodFrancineSeganHungryNationItalian

Wings & Vegan Snacks for the Super Bowl

With inspiration from Alton Brown, the WCFoodies give you 3 winning recipes for a Super Bowl party wings w/an Asian dipping sauce 2 ... tags: BuffaloWingscookingfootballHowToHungryNationIndianapolisColtsNewOrleansSaints

How to Make Chinese Dumplings for the Super Bowl w/the ...

The WCFoodies team up with the Amateur Gourmet VendrTV for a Chinese food feast in Flushing, Queens, then go home to make some dumplings ... tags: ChineseDumplingsFootballHowToHungryNationMakeChineseDumplingsSuperBowlTheAmateurGourmet

How To Make French Onion Soup

Inspired by the classic Parisian dish, the WCFoodies share their recipe for affordable, organic French Onion Soup. tags: CookingFranceFrenchOnionSoupHeartyHowToHungryNationOrganic

How to Make Beer in a Pumpkin

The Working Class Foodies, Max and Rebecca, team up with their friends Megan and Corwin to brew an experimental pumpkin beer in a pumpkin. tags: Beerbeer_brewingbrewingFood_DrinksHowMakeMax_Lando

How to Make Harry Potter Inspired Butter Beer

Rebecca brews up some sweet, frothy Butterbeer for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It's even better with a ... tags: alcoholic_drinksBeerbrewing_butter_beerButterfantasy_book_drinksFood_DrinksHarry

How To Make Pickles at Home

Max and Rebecca pick up pickling tips from the pros so they can preserve the best of summer's produce and make their own pantry items. tags: DishesFood_AppetizersHomemadeHomemade_PicklesHomemade_Pickling_RecipesMax_Landonick_horman

How to Make Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Whether you like your Thanksgiving sides to be classic or inventive, the Working Class Foodies have got you covered with Perfect Mashed ... tags: brendan_mcdermottDishesFood_AppetizersGnocchiMakingMashedmashed_potatoes