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Pure Gold, Context and a Cultural Revolution

After some reflection regarding a recent death, complete with death panels and the financial-medical complex and usury, I look at the ... tags: biblecontextculturalCulturedeathgoldhealthcare

Empire, Energy, Extend, The Dirt Nap

The US Empire is biding time by destabilizing much of the world. It needs to do so in order to control the flow of oil and thus preserve ... tags: empiregoldoilpollocksilverwarrenwepollock

Chris Moore interviews Warren Pollock - KDKA - CBS Radio

Chris Moore of 1020 KDA Pittsburg have a wide ranging discussion on current economic events and trends. We talk about the breakdown of the ... tags: blackcbschrisgoldkdkamoorepollock

The Din of Present and Future Dictatorship

Many nations in turmoil either obviously or masked over by propaganda. We are in the DIN a static noise which drowns out overview and ... tags: anonymousCollapseCrisisEconomicEconomyempirefascism

No 1979 Redux! - 1971 & Gold, Steel, Oil, Labor, Empire, Breakdown

I mention the fact that i have challenged Gonzalo Lira to a debate moderated or agenda based via an email invitation.. Lira has outlined ... tags: embargoempiregoldgonzalakennedyliraoil

Gonzalo - You have Been Served

A bank holiday would not be strategic thereby raising red flags, it would be reactive. Frozen credit, a shortage of collateral, too much ... tags: goldgondolakeiserliramaxpollocksilver

Crumbling Pillars of the Economy

I outline the pillars of the economy and how these structural elements relate in our current breakdown crisis. I talk about the physical ... tags: economyedwardgoldpollocksilverwarrenwepollock

Futurist-Author James Howard Kunstler

Warren Edward Pollock interviews and has an open talk with leading author James Howard Kunstler. We are at a cultural moment where we are ... tags: 2012Barackbreakdowncorzinecreditdefaultedward

Living Wills for Dead Banks vs Live Lobster Farms

Banks are dead men walking just waiting for a forensic accounting autopsy. Thus, The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. voted to require banks ... tags: bankingcanadacollcollateralcookingcreditfarm

Kim Dotcom vs Corzine and Modern Day Letters of Marque

A letter of Marque is a government license authorizing a person to be a pirate a privateer. This authority defines who is a patriot and who ... tags: ACLUcapitalismcorzinecrisisdotcomeconomyfinance

The True State of the American Union

Warren Pollock describes the real state of the American Union. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, distinguished guests, ... tags: addressBarack ObamaBill ClintonClintongingrichHillary Rodham Clintonmitt

Warren Pollock on This Week in Money

Warren Pollock featured on this Week in Money. tags: empiregoldmoneysilverwepollock