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Video: Camp Says U.S. Needs Lower Tax Rates, Fewer Loopholes

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- U.S. Representative David 'Dave' Camp, a Michigan Republican and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, talks ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCareCare,HealthColumbia,EnglishcstickersGovernment,United

Video: Professor Lott Says Gun Control Laws Can Encourage Crime

Jan. 12 Bloomberg -- John Lott, a professor at the University of Maryland, College Park and author of 'More Guns, Less Crime,' Eric Pianin, ... tags: Affairs,BusinesscstickersFirearms,Interviews,LegalGovernment,UnitedLitigation,MediaMedia

Video: Donohue Wants Congressional Vote on `Big Regulations'

Jan. 11 Bloomberg -- U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue talks with Bloomberg's Peter Cook about U.S. business regulation and ... tags: BusinessColumbia,EnglishcstickersGovernment,UnitedHouse,TopInterview,News,Politics,RulesMedia

Video: Warren `Can't Believe' Consumer Bureau Would Be Repealed

Jan. 6 Bloomberg -- Elizabeth Warren, the White House adviser assigned to set up a U.S. consumer financial-protection bureau, talks about ... tags: Businesscstickersex.Goods,HouseInterview,News,Politics,RulesMedia

Video: Quinn Says Supreme Court to Rule on Health-Care Overhaul

Jan. 4 Bloomberg -- Jane Bryant Quinn, a personal finance columnist and author of 'Making the Most of Your Money Now,' talks about the ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCareCare,HealthcstickersExperts,News,Politics,SocialHealth

Video: Galston Says Republicans Will Push to Cut Spending

Dec. 30 Bloomberg -- William Galston, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and Veronique de Rugy, senior research fellow at the ... tags: BusinesscstickersHouse,WomenMediaMultimedia,GovernmentNewsNews,Interviews,Media

Video: Groves on U.S. Population Data: Political Capital With Al Hunt

Dec. 24 Bloomberg -- Robert Groves, director of the U.S. Census Bureau, talks with Bloomberg's Al Hunt about 2010 Census data and ... tags: ActionsAmerica,PalestinianAuthority,Politics,SyndicatedBusinessCensus,U.S.cstickersDept.,

Video: Cohen Says Ending Military Gay Ban Makes U.S. `Stronger'

Dec. 22 Bloomberg -- William Cohen, chief executive officer of the Cohen Group and a former U.S. defense secretary, talks about legislation ... tags: ActionsBusinesscstickersDept.,House,UnitedMediaMilitaries,Diversity,English

Video: Falkenrath Says China May Be `Holding Back' North Korea

Dec. 20 Bloomberg -- Richard Falkenrath, a principal at the Chertoff Group and a Bloomberg Television contributing editor, talks about ... tags: ActionsBusinesscstickersDefense,AudioDept.,Korea,NuclearMarkets,English

Video: Holtz-Eakin Says U.S. Tax Plans Give `Right Incentives'

Dec. 7 Bloomberg -- Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum and a former director of the Congressional Budget Office, ... tags: BusinesscstickersEconomy,UnitedHouse,U.S.Interview,Multimedia-MarketMediaMultimedia,Federal

Video: Hantman Calls U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara `100% Fair'

Nov. 23 Bloomberg -- David Hantman, former chief of staff to U.S. Senator Charles Schumer of New York, discusses the investigation of hedge ... tags: BusinessComm,cstickersDepartment,MediaExchFunds,Funds,Justice