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Hold the meat | Video of the day

There are at least 6 million vegetarians and vegans in Germany today. Top chefs and the country's first vegan supermarket, Vegilicious, are ... tags: dayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermanysupermarketthe

PETA Awards Hollywood's Sexiest Vegetarians

PETA has officially named the two hottest celebs in 2012 that happen to vegetarians. Jessica Chastain gets the top honor for the ladies and ... tags: bauerchastainharrelsonhollyscoophottestjessicapeta

Vegetarians Have Much Lower Heart Disease Risk: Study

Vegetarians have a much lower risk of getting heart disease according to a new study.Multiple studies have shown the many benefits ... tags: dieGenerallesslikelyNewstovegetarian
1:00:00 Show Date Sun, 26 Feb 2012

For Academy Awards weekend - Animals As 'Actors' Bad Luck for Horses on HBO Series 'Luck' - guest this week VIVIAN GRANT FARRELL, founder ... tags: activismactivistsanimal_rightscircuscircusesdietFarrell

Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians - P2/2

02/04/12 -- OUR NOBLE LINEAGE SERV - Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians - P2 Episode 1879, Air Date 6 November 2011. tags: EthicalLINEAGEMasterNOBLEOURReligiousSERV

United Kingdom Talk Monday 9th January 2011

Monday's talk show.Subscribe to my You Tube channel. Username ChrisReardonUKSex toys on the shelves.Stalkers, beggars, tramps amp ... tags: animalsbarrybigbootsbotoxbrothercharlieiscool

United Kingdom Talk Wednesday 11th January 2012

Wednesday's talk show. Subscribe to my You Tube channel. Username ChrisReardonUK Fag Ash Lil's epic email. A method of torture for your ... tags: airlinesamericanangrybirdscatschatcomedy

Undercover Mercy For Animals Investigation Reveals Cruelty Vegan Fail

Butterball Abuse Undercover Mercy For Animals Investigation Reveals Cruelty link to video tags: animal crueltyAnimalsButterball Abusecaught on tapechickenscowsCruelty