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Sugary Drinks Linked To Cancer In Women

A new study by researchers in Minnesota found a link between consumption of sweetened drinks among older women and endometrial cancer. tags: Cancerendometrial_CancerMinnesota_School_of_Public_Healthobesitypostmenopausalpostmenopausal_womensoda

Steeven et Christopher- L'utérus, un endroit cosy ?

Abonnez vous Youhumour Plus de vidos Comment cohabiter dans un utrus quand on est jumeaux La rponse avec Steeven et Christopher. ...

Jessica Simpson Envied Kate Middleton When They Were Both Pregnant

They had two of the most high-profile pregnancies in 2013, but that's where the similarities end between Jessica Simpson and Kate Middleton ...

Qu'est-ce que les règles ?

Le docteur David ELIA, gyncologue, explique ce que sont les rgles chez la femme. Il revient sur ces pertes de sang qui surviennent tout les ... tags: bebegynecologiemenopausemenstruelpertepuberteregle

First Successful Uterus Recipient Pregnant

Derya Sert from Turkey, the first woman to successfully receive a uterus transplant, is pregnant. tags: deryapregnantserttransplantturkeyuteruswoman

Mnemic - Diesel Uterus

Copyright 2010 Nuclear Blast GmbH tags: DieselMnemicUterus

MNEMIC being loved by MESHUGGAH

MESHUGGAHs Tomas Haake giving props to MNEMIC for the new album Sons Of The System OUT NOW tags: dieselghostliquidmarchmnemicsonssystem

IUDs for the Morning After

While IUDs are the most common form of birth control worldwide, few women know that they can also be used to prevent pregancy after ... tags: afterbabybirthbreakcondomcontraceptioncontrol

Surgical Abortions 101

Pregnant and not ready to be a parent Here are the facts on having a surgical abortion at a doctor's office. tags: abortabortionanesthesiaaspirationbabybleedingcervix

Pregnancy: Cautionary Foods

The truth is that lots of experts disagree about whether certain foods are safe during pregnancy. You should hear both sides of the story ... tags: babycervixdietduring_pregnancyearly_pregnancyfoodguru

Pregnancy: Weeks 17 to 20

If you're eating everything in sight, you'll be happy to know that your truck-driver's appetite is a normal, healthy pregnancy symptom ... tags: amniocentesis:_pregnancyam_i_pregnantbabyduring_pregnancyeffects_of_pregnancyembryoembryo_size:_Health