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Watch The World Celebrate 2014

Today the 1st of January, 2014, everyone is celebrating the start of a new year and making plans for a new beginning. Each country had a ... tags: new_yearnew_year_2014strange_but_truetrue_factsuniue_factsunknownunusual_facts

Prominent Ukrainian activist attacked after publication of critical article

This was Tetyana Chornovil a few days ago. She's a prominent Ukrainian opposition activist, known for investigating corruption among senior ... tags: assailantsbeatencriticalforofficialspublicationRabiee

Zelda UO Deku 1 OUTTAKES

This one's a little short since there weren't many outtakes. But I doubt you'd want me to keep these from you guys. X3 CREDITS Music By ... tags: flashlegendmediaoforiginsouttakesunknown

Zelda UO - Deku Chapter - Part 1

First Aired 11-09-2012 Deep in the sacred forest of Hyrule, Link is a young boy who's training to get stronger for his own safety. CREDITS ... tags: chapterdekulegendmediaoforiginsunknown

WTF Valeria The Real Life Barbie

Meet 27 year old Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine. Shes become famous worldwide as the Living Barbie. Her body and her face bring to mind the ... tags: amazingOdessatrue_factsunknownunusualweirdweirdtruefacts

Bigfoot, yeti, sasquatch breakdown

I was contacted by WiiStandUnited,the original uploader of this video, he wanted me to do a breakdown of his video and see if I can pull ... tags: bigfootcreaturecrypto_crewsasquatchstrangeunknownyeti

The Best UFO Photos - Do you believe?

This is a collection of ufo,alien and crop circle photos. Some of them may be faked or hoaxed but if only one of them is real then it ... tags: aliensCover_upCraftcrop_circleslightsMIBoutter_space

Seattle UFO

This is a photo that is floating around on the internet of a possible UFO over Seattle. I have taken a closer look at it. Thanks tags: AliensBreakdownCover_upcraftdiscMIBspace

UFO in Middlesboro Kentucky

Odd lights filmed over Middlesboro , Ky Thanks for watching visit our website tags: AliensCrypto_CrewExtraterrestrial_lifelightsSpacecraftufounknown

Unknown sketelon found - really?

what is this strange skeleton found by fishermen Please visit our site tags: CryptozoologyoddSkeletonunknownweird

5 Best Food To Lose Weight

Well at a time when internet is everything and the growth of technology is such that all things can be done with just a remote, a check on ... tags: amazingfactstrueunknownunusualweirdweirdtruefacts

7 Strange Animal Facts

Some animals are cute, some are scary and some are just plain weird Check out some of these weird animal's weird facts For daily dose of ... tags: factstrueunknownweirdweirdtruefacts